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Why is Foam Rolling So Good?

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Foam rolling is one of the most widely used techniques. Mainly used by fitness minded folk and athletes, the benefits of foam rolling now sees people from all walks of life enjoying the benefits from foam rolling. Now a common tool to help in loosening up sore muscles and to assist in muscle recovery form, Foam rolling exercises is a form of self-massage and can also be known as a type of self-myofascial release. These are exercises that can be done both before and after exercising. Read More

The jolly good season

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Wowee, can you believe it? It’s that time of year when people go shop crazy, work is on overload and a fat guy in a red suit decides whether you’ve been naughty or nice. Yep, it’s the silly season all right. The days are flying right before our eyes and stress levels are increasing by the second. So the question shouldn’t be ‘have you finished your Christmas shopping?’ but rather ‘Are you taking some time out for yourself?’

Jana has taken the time out to give you a few quick tips on how to stay active during this crazy time and shares what she and Jackie do to keep the balance throughout their days. Read More

Is Smoking Worse Than Sitting?

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If you sit all day then you must read this!

The physical implications of sitting at your desk all day for most of your life is not something to take lightly.

The myriad of consequences on your body from sitting for long periods is now said to be worse than smoking. Dr. James Levine says sitting for as little as 2 continuous hours increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back pain and other orthopaedic problems.

Find this hard to believe?

Let us break it down for you.

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Let Your Winter Blues Light You Up!

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Chilly, freezing, frosty, cold!! So many words to describe this glorious season. It can make you feel alive as you step outside into the biting chill… OR if you’re anything like Jackie and Jana, you’d prefer to hibernate until the Sun shines again? Well never fear because Jana has a few words of wisdom on how to get through this chilly season.

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