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Jana calls BS on Yoga Stereotypes

By | Practicing Yoga

What does it take to practice Yoga?

There is a large number of excuses or ideas one comes up with to avoid a Yoga class. “I’m not flexible enough” or “it’s for chicks” or even, “I don’t own any tights”. In this day and age we see some really awesome stuff on social media. Beautiful women wearing very little and standing in a pose where her leg is all the way up around her neck. Or a guy with rippling muscles (which you can see because obviously you have to do yoga topless,) on a tropical island. These beautiful (often sponsored by active wear brands and photo-shopped) images show how trendy one must be to practice Yoga. It’s crushing, but the reality, your tights don’t even have to sport logo on them!! Yep it’s true. Read on as Jana calls BS on Yoga stereotypes and gets real about what it takes to practice Yoga. Read More