Running – What’s Strength Got to Do With It

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Have you ever seen a body builder run a marathon? No? Neither have we, but that’s not to say they couldn’t. The great thing about running is, all you need is a good pair of running shoes, your running kit and the pavement, (or trails, whatever you fancy.) But if we don’t need to be built like a body builder, do we really need big bulky muscles to carry us across the roads and trails? Bulky no, strength yes. Read on.

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Injury Prevention and Management For Runners

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As a runner, you’re bound to come across some form of lower body injury from time to time, whether it’s a chronic injury that accumulates over time or an acute injury such as a sprained ankle or pulled muscle. Whatever the injury, there are ways you can prepare your body to minimise the chances of injury and set yourself up for a swift recovery if you are unlucky enough to get an injury from running. We touched on this topic in our video “Injury management and prevention for runner” with Chris Taylor from The Running Domain. Chris mentions how injuries and training regimes are very common topics when catching up with fellow runners, so here’s some info you can take to your next runners coffee date.

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